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Haverford Instructional Technology Center

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Haverford Instructional Technology Center (ITC) equipment loans are provided to currently enrolled Haverford College students, faculty, and staff. Bryn Mawr College and Swarthmore College students enrolled in a Haverford course may borrow equipment as needed for assignments in that class.
The primary function of ITC equipment loans is to support classroom teaching and learning. ITC prioritizes projects that are academically related, however ITC is often able to assist patrons who ask for equipment for extracurricular activities.
ITC does not loan equipment for some activities, including PA systems for bands or large events, outdoor movies, or for personal use outside of the college. For other extracurricular loans, patrons may be asked to secure a referral from the Student Activities Director.
Reserving a space on campus does not guarantee equipment will be available or approved for loan.
Approved equipment may be used both on and off campus.

Equipment must be picked up and returned to the Haverford Instructional Technology Center (Stokes 205) during equipment check-out hours. Please note that the ITC’s hours of operation may occasionally change, particularly for campus events and holidays.
Equipment can be reserved in advance via our reservation portals or in person at the ITC.
Most equipment loans have a standard duration of two days. Longer loans may be approved on a case-by-case basis.
ITC staff will make every effort to ensure the equipment is fully functional by check-out. But due to high demand and quick turnaround, ITC cannot guarantee the working order or battery level at the time of the loan. Patrons are encouraged to check battery levels and equipment functionality before leaving the ITC and should contact ITC immediately if any equipment is not operating properly.
Patrons returning equipment are expected to wait in the ITC during an initial check-in procedure, which may take up to 10 minutes. A more thorough check-in may follow, for which the patron may stay if so desired.

Patrons are liable for any overdue equipment and any damage the equipment sustains while checked out. This also includes smaller accessories within a kit. The full replacement cost shall be due for all equipment not returned one week after its due date. Fines related to repair, replacement, and late returns will be charged to the patron’s student account and may affect eligibility for future rentals.
Equipment loans are generally made only to one individual, who assumes entire responsibility for the loan. In the case of team projects required for a class, all members of the team will share equal responsibility and liability for borrowed equipment, regardless of which individual checks out or returns the equipment.
Haverford ITC does not assume any liability for injury or damaged property resulting from the use or misuse of borrowed equipment.